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Random Acts of Kindness

April 16, 2012 0 Comments

I have the pleasure of living with one of the most empathetic people I know – scratch that, THE most empathetic person I know.  My husband, Kevin, has a natural way of truly feeling what others are going through and turning that toward action for good.  I thank God for the lessons I receive through his actions on a regular basis.

On Friday, Kevin came from work a little early.  I truly believe that all things happen according to a divine plan, but I wasn’t actively reminding myself of that on that particular day.  He was down in the basement talking with our contractors (we are remodeling our new home) when a little boy walked in the door looking a bit confused.  The boy walked to the bathroom (which is not finished and is dusty and dirty from the work that’s being done) and pulled his pants down to use the toilet.  He looked to be about 8 years old and he had on a diaper which was completely full with “#2”.  When he pulled down his diaper, he got “#2” all over the floor and toilet.  Needless to say, it was a mess – it smelled so bad that the workers had to call it a day.  Kevin tried asking the boy his name and where he lived, but he was completely non-verbal.  When Kevin came upstairs to tell me what was going on, I said I would call child protective services because I didn’t just want to send him back out on the street (which, unfortunately, was our contractor’s initial response).  Side note:  I was truly saddened by the fact that an autistic boy would be out walking by himself (covered in #2 at that) in DC…it brought tears to my eyes.

Next thing I knew, Kevin went upstairs and grabbed some gloves, a bucket, a washcloth, a clean shirt, and one of my 3-year old’s pull ups and went back down to the basement to wash up the boy as best he could.  Once he got him clean, he brought him upstairs and asked me to make him a sandwich while he waited for the police to come to the house.  It took about 20 minutes or so for the officer to arrive at our place.  In between, we gave him some food and some juice and tried to keep him as comfortable and calm as we could.

What stood out to me from this experience was Kevin’s natural response – he did not hesitate for a moment and just naturally took care of our young visitor as if he were one of our own sons.  This experience also reminded me of how grateful I am for having two healthy boys – something that slips my mind from time to time…especially when they are getting on my nerves.  I pray for all mothers of children with special needs – even just that brief encounter was challenging for me, as I couldn’t communicate with him in the ways I’m used to.  I shudder to think about what could have happened if Kevin wasn’t home and the contractors just would have sent him on his way.  I know he came to our house (at that very moment) for a reason…he blessed us way more than we blessed him.

Keep shining!


P.S. Yes, he did get reunited with his mother who lived a few blocks away from us.  She said she was on the front porch and he was playing out back and climbed over the fence and ran off down the alley (where he entered our basement).

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