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Queen Bee

April 30, 2012 8 Comments

Over the past week I have had a number of interesting encounters with bees.  At first I chalked it up as coincidence, but after the third encounter I really believe there was a message there for me.

I was sitting in my office last week and two bees appeared out of nowhere.  I say “out of nowhere” because the door and windows were closed and I had been working in the office for hours.  They were buzzing around the window and weren’t bothering me too much.   Still, my old reaction to bees kicked in and I went searching for something to “get” them with.  I came back in the office with a spray bottle filled with water and proceeded to spray the bees.  As soon as I sprayed them, they fell down and I left them there because I didn’t want to touch them.  I sat back down at my desk to get back to work and then a whole swarm of bees came outside my office window as if to say “how dare you spray our family”…I mean, they were buzzing like crazy!  That evening, I shared the experience with my husband and we had a good laugh and left it at that.

The following morning, while getting the boys ready for school, my 3-year old screamed “BEETLE, mommy…daddy!!!” (that’s what he calls ALL bugs :-)).  I ran over to look and it was a bee crawling slowly across the hallway.  I was totally in reaction mode and I stepped on the bee to “save” my son.  After I did it, I felt so bad and I thought to myself…man, I should have just picked it up and put it outside.  Plus, I didn’t want to set a bad example for my son.  (Side note: I know what some of you are thinking…is she seriously that worried about killing a bee?  Yes, I really am.  My recent emphasis on my spiritual development has helped me see the divinity in ALL life.  I think bees are incredible and serve a great purpose in nature.)

As I mentioned in my last blog, I am so grateful for second chances.  Well, the next day, I got it.  I was intensely focused on work and all of the sudden I heard buzzing around my ear.  I looked around and there were two more bees in the room.  Long story short, this time I sprayed them with a little water so they wouldn’t sting me and I put them in cup and set them free.  It felt SO good!  The next day I was riding in my car listening to a talk by Gary Renard on A Course in Miracles and he made very brief mention of animal symbolism when he was telling a story.  Shortly after that ANOTHER bee appeared in my car.  Again, there were no windows open and I hadn’t heard any buzzing prior to that moment.  The bee was right on the driver’s seat window which would have sent me into a complete panic in the past.  I sat there for a moment and looked at the bee, said a little prayer, and let the window down and set it free.  At this point, I couldn’t wait to get home and look up what bees mean.

I did some research on bees and came up with the following meanings:

  • Symbol of the original source of all life and inspiration (God)
  • Used as an emblem of those who wish to associate themselves with the inspiration of God
  • Immortality and resurrection
  • Diligence and effort
  • Hope
  • Healing
  • Inspirational power
  • Word of God/Divine breath
  • Royal emblem/Regal
  • Supernatural power
  • Secret wisdom
  • Poetry/Intelligence

SO interesting!  For me, it was confirmation of the divine direction my life is taking right now.  I feel more connected to God than I ever have before…in a way that I never have before.  It also reminded me of the source of my name (Egyptian Queen Kandake) and a nickname that followed me in college, “queen”.    I used to always use the tag “queenkandace” and even have it as my Twitter tag, but while I was depressed I really started to dislike the nickname – I felt like everyone was looking at me as “queen-like” and perfect and believed that was part of what caused me to push myself so hard (the truth is, it was my thoughts that caused myself to do that…not anyone or anything else).  After the bee experience, I am re-embracing the nickname (and the source of my name) and see nothing but divinity in it.  I am grateful and proud of it now.  What a blessing!

Keep shining!


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