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Eternal Life, Part 1

June 18, 2012 1 Comment

I’m taking a 12-week course entitiled “Foundations for Spiritual Living” and last week’s teachings were on Immortality.  We read some really interesting passages and shared our own visions of what happens after we leave our bodies.  Everyone had a unique vision of what happens next and how the transition takes place, but one thing was consistent with all of us – the belief that we are eternal beings having a temporary human experience.  One of the passages we read really stood out to me – it was very similar to what I envision happening when we transition:

“When we came into this life, we were met by loving friends who cared for us until we were able to care for ourselves.  Judging the future by the past, we can believe that when we enter the larger life, there will be loving hands to greet us and loving friends to care for us until we have become accustomed to our new surroundings.” ~Excerpt from Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind

It was confirming to read this and to hear from others that have a similar vision.  Throughout the week a few people mentioned the book “Dying To Be Me” in which a woman, Anita Moorjani, recounts her experience losing consciousness and leaving her body when she was in the final stages of cancer.  She was able to connect to the source of the pain in her life that caused the cancer.  When she “came to” she was able to heal herself completely of her cancer and was out of the hospital within weeks – amazing!  I haven’t read the book yet, but have added it to my wish list (I am reading way too many things right now).  In addition to this one, there were a few other stories like this that I read about last week and was inspired by.

So, all of this was going on in my mind and then, to bring it closer to home (God is something else), I got an amazing example from my parents.  On Saturday, they visited a friend of theirs that had just come out of hospice care after being in a coma.  He described his experience leaving his body (he was pronounced “dead”) and being greeted by friends and family members who had passed on.  He said he told them that he was “not ready yet” and that he wanted to go back.  Shortly after, to the amazement of the hospice workers, he opened his eyes!  Not only that, he pulled out his tubes because he was completely healed from his pain (Migraines for which he was receiving shots of morphine every 10 minutes prior to the coma)!  He shared his experience with the priest by his bedside who shared that he has heard countless experiences like this while working in the hospice (he has even had people say things like “don’t you see my grandmother right there” while pointing to an empty space in the room).  My parent’s friend said he is experiencing more peace than he was ever experienced – he now knows without a doubt what is real.  All of the petty things of this world that he used to get frustrated by don’t worry him anymore because of that experience.  There’s more to the story, but you get the jist.  Powerful!

“And so we prepare not to die, but to live.  The thought of death should slip from our consciousness altogether; and when this great event of the soul takes place, it should be beautiful, sublime…a glorious experience.  As the eagle, freed from its cage, soars to its native heights, so the soul, freed from the home of heavy flesh, will rise and return unto its Father’s house, naked and unafraid” ~Excerpt from Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind

This week’s reminders completely healed me of any fear of “death” that was left in me.  After my pneumonia, I was really struggling with this fear.  I worried about leaving too soon and even developed a fear of losing my kids before “their time”.  I am now remembering that, regardless of when we leave our bodies, we will continue to live on in the Spirit forever and ever.  Not only that, but we will rejoin with our loved ones in time.  This life on earth is not, and will never be, our permanent home.  Keeping my real home at the forefront of my mind has brought me an indescribable peace and joy.  Now all I have to do is remember and not get caught up in what I can see in front of me (more on my “how to” in Part 2 of this blog which is coming soon).  I hope this helps others who are struggling with the fear of “death” (for themselves or loved ones) as well.

Keep shining!


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