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Waves in the Ocean

August 11, 2012 0 Comments

While on vacation in Costa Rica, I spent some time in the ocean.  The water temperature was perfect.  I was on my knees and fully immersed in it.  As I looked around at all of the waves, I was completely taken in by the symbolism.  I was reminded of what a great metaphor the ocean is for God.  While feeling the rocking of the water, and meditating on each wave crashing and settling, the following words came to me:

Immersed in the vast ocean water,

Feeling the breeze gently brush my face and arms,

Not an end to the sea in sight,

Thoughts travel to the immensity of God,

Each individual representing the waves,

Some rising…

Some crashing…

Others making ripples…

All connected to something much bigger,

Something infinite and mighty, yet peaceful and sure,

Each wave and ripple ends in calm, sweet surrender…

Returning to the Wholeness it never left.

The ocean is such a great reminder that we are all connected, to each other and to God.  While we all take different paths throughout our earthly life (rising, crashing, making ripples), we all ultimately return to the Wholeness from which we came.  I am so grateful for this gentle reminder of the Truth.  I needed that nudge because it’s so easy to forget while living in a world that can make you feel like you’re not good enough, you don’t have enough, or that what you’re going through is the end of the world.  In Truth, we have all that we need and more.  We are one with the Infinite with whom “ALL things are possible”.  It can be difficult to remember this when we’re in the middle of “crashing”, but if we take a moment to be still and remember that we are not separate from the Creator, and that “this too shall pass”, it would make all the difference in our day-to-day experience. There is no fierce wave that does not eventually settle down and return to the it’s true nature…the infinite ocean.  The same is true for us.

“The wave asked the sea: could I be like you? The sea replied: it’s easy, just
settle down!” ~Parable found on the Your Radiance blog

I’ll leave you with an excerpt I ran across this morning that really sums this all up.  Have a great rest of the weekend!

I am a wave in the ocean of divine love, and God dances in every ripple of my being. God hums divine music in my body. God is my zero. Any number of steps I climb only take me further from Source, for Source is at the bottom of the stairs.

A real Guru does not say, strive upward, take a long journey, and you will one day reach the kingdom. A real Guru says what Jesus said: “The kingdom of God is already within you.”

Sink into God before you rise up. Kneel upon God before you take the first step. Then God will be with you wherever you go, whether rising or falling down.

~Guru Jaidev

Keep shining!


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