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Releasing Materialism

August 13, 2012 0 Comments

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I have noticed a significant shift in the way I view material things since I said “yes” to living in the light.  The “proof was in the pudding” the other day when I was about to sit down for a family meeting with my husband.  He wanted to discuss the projects we wanted to complete around the house and in what order so that we can plan our finances accordingly.

Prior to the meeting, I took a moment to think about what I really wanted.  We purchased an older home (built in 1931) in February of this year.  We had the kitchen, bathrooms, and basement remodeled, but have not done any decorating.  From the time that we had a contract on the home last fall, I had visions of working with an interior designer and creating a peaceful, calming space for our family.  I had the themes all picked out in my head for each room, colors, furniture ideas, etc.  In that moment of reflection, though, none of that mattered to me.  As I was thinking about what I really wanted, I realized I already have it right now…inner peace.  It did not come to me through creating a peaceful environment with material things though – it came through my recognition of the presence of the Spirit within me (and everyone else) that was given by God.

So, I walked into the dining room and sat down to talk with my husband (on the old eat-in kitchen table from our rental that totally doesn’t match the room).  I was praying for a peaceful discussion in which I could convey my realization that we already have all that we need.  I didn’t really care what projects we did around the house and definitely did not think they were top priority anymore.  I really wasn’t sure what he would say, but I released all fear and worry about the outcome.

I let him start the discussion, and he said “Do you want the good news or the bad news first?”.  I said, “Give me the bad news”.  He said, “What would Suze Orman say?” (we used to watch her shows a lot).  Then he said, “Get out of debt first, then save, then purchase what you need”.  I was in total agreement with the plan to not move forward with our list of “nice to have” projects (we probably could have filled two pages with the lists of things we would like to have around the house).  We did decide to move forward one item on our list – a fence in the back of our house so that our little ones have an enclosed area to play outside.  But we even had a shift in that decision – we decided not to move forward with the expensive fence type we were planning to get.  Instead, we will take the time to get some additional estimates for something that will do the job.

Now, I must say, that was not exactly how I expected my prayer to play out.  It was much better than I could have dreamed on my own.  That was just another reminder for me to give it all to God.  All of my attachments to material things.   All of my concern about what others may think.  All of my desires to have the perfect home.   I really got the message that what other people think about my home (or anything about me) is not more important than what God thinks of me (and God only sees the perfection that He created).  This goes for any attachment that I have – all I have to do is remember God and the need to turn to something outside of myself to make me feel better (temporarily) will subside.  Lasting peace and joy can only come from God.

Yeah, it would be nice to decorate and we probably will do so.  The difference is, we are shifting our priority and we are not attached to it making us feel any kind of way.  We are releasing any thoughts like, “It’ll be so much better when we get _____ done around the house”.  For me, I’m recognizing that God is my #1 priority and is enough for me.  I’m also remembering that this is not my permanent home.  For my husband, he is prioritizing getting our family out of debt.  We will not rush to do everything at once.  We will do some work on our own.  We will look for cheaper versions of the really expensive items we wanted.  And some of the things we wanted, we just won’t get.  In the grand scheme of things, none of these material things matter.  I “know that I know that I know” that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and our real home awaits us as soon as we are ready and open to receive it.  I am experiencing glimpses of Heaven here on earth as I continuously peel away the layers that I have added on top of the perfection that God created.  I am forever grateful for this fuel to the fire of my faith!

“Heaven itself is reached with empty hands and open minds, which come with nothing to find everything and claim it as their own.” ~A Course in Miracles

Keep shining!


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