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Inspiring Quote by Thomas Merton

August 18, 2012 0 Comments

Tears came to my eyes this afternoon as I read this quote from Thomas Merton, a well-known mystic that authored the popular spiritual book The Seven Storey Mountain.  I was so emotional because, up until this point, it has been difficult for me to describe to others how I feel right now, aside from saying something like “I feel so peaceful” or “I’m seeing the light in everyone and everything around me”.  That didn’t even come close to bringing it to life.  The quote below masterfully captures the essence of it.  There is nothing in this world that can be compared to experiencing oneness with God.  Understanding the fact that “we are not separate from our Creator” intellectually was one thing for me, but the experience of it has had me in awe and totally at a loss for words.  This quote captures it, and I can do nothing but shed tears of joy, gratitude, and liberation.

“As soon as a man is fully disposed to be alone with God, he is alone with God no matter where he may be…in the country, the monastery, the woods, or the city.  The lightning flashes from East to West, illuminating the whole horizon and striking where it pleases and at the same instant the infinite liberty of God flashes in the depths of that man’s soul, and he is illumined.  At that moment he sees that though he seems to be in the middle of his journey, he has already arrived at the end.  For the life of Grace on earth is the beginning of the life of Glory.  Although he is a traveler in time, he has opened his eyes for a moment in eternity.” ~Thomas Merton    

Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!  Keep shining!


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