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Thank You!

December 29, 2012 4 Comments


I am on my way to a 4 day/3 night meditation retreat in the desert to close out 2012.  I couldn’t go into this retreat without saying thank you to all of you!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts.  I truly appreciate all of your comments and encouragement throughout the year.  I never would have thought I would be writing and publicly sharing my spiritual journey, but I am so glad I was guided to do so.  The more I surrender, the more I am delighted by all that Spirit unfolds for me.  I love sharing the insights I have as I continue on this journey of releasing my attachment to the things of this world (material things, the need for approval of others, the need to be right, financial gain, etc.).

I’m grateful that sharing the ups and downs of my spiritual journey publicly has reconnected so many of you to the hotline to Spirit within.  I appreciate all of the public and private comments in which you shared your personal stories with me.  That means a lot to me.  I have spent the past few weeks doing a lot of reflecting, and have been overwhelmed with a sense of peace and joy.  I feel like I’m finally doing something that is utilizing all of my gifts (and those I didn’t know I had), and am able to help others along the way.  This blog is a dream come true for me, and I know this is only the beginning.  I know that this did not come from me, it came through me.  I pray to continue to move ego out-of-the-way so that more of the Spirit can pour through me onto the pages of this blog and more.

Before I get all teary eyed, I have to share this quick funny story.  I was playing with my two sons in our basement the other day, and we had all the lights off.  Both of them had a flashlight and they were “looking for monsters.”  My youngest son (age 2) said, “Mommy, turn on the light,” and I said, “You have the light right there in your hand, sweetie.”  He looked at up at me with a furrowed brow, and then said, “Oh yeah!!” and proceeded to cheerfully shine his own way.  That was too funny.  It also reminded me of what my goal is with this blog:  To remind others of the Light they carry within themselves so that they may be that same reminder for others.  What a blessing!

My new year intention is to fully release my attachment to the things of the world and live freely, peacefully, joyfully and lovingly in the Spirit in each moment.  To live always in remembrance that I am “in the world, but not of the world.”  And to remind others of the Truth about themselves so they can, in turn, live in the Spirit and fully express all of their God-given gifts.  What’s your intention for 2013?

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve festivities!  Talk with you in 2013!

Keep shining!


Kandace Jones

Filed in: Gratitude

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I used to live life shackled by fear, doubt, and worry. I put on a happy face while navigating my day-to-day duties, but I was emotionally drained, stressed, and unhappy. When I hit rock bottom, and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I was determined to live life differently. I knew there had to be another way. Out of that determination, and guidance from Spirit, the "Living in the Light" blog was born. It documents my spiritual journey out of the darkness and into the Light. After nine months of publicly sharing my journey, and consciously releasing my attachment to the ego, I experienced a powerful spiritual awakening. I went from living in fear, doubt, worry, and stress to complete inner peace. My greatest passion has become assisting others on their own journey to inner peace. My spiritual memoir, From Stress to Peace: An Intimate Journal on the Journey from Living in Darkness to Living in the Light, is available now on Amazon and Click the tabs at the top of the page to learn more about the From Stress to Peace 21-Day Challenge, Living in the Light Retreats, 1:1 sessions, and the Living in the Light Community - all of which are designed to support your journey to inner peace. I appreciate you taking the time to visit the blog and look forward to supporting you in any way I can!