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The Cure for Violence, Anger, and Hatred

September 17, 2013 3 Comments


There are particular occasions that inspire numerous individuals to reflect on their actions and the actions of those around them.  One such occasion is murder.  The tragic loss of life leaves individuals questioning whether or not we can ever truly live in a peaceful world.

Unfortunately, within the last week, there have been too many of these occasions here in the United States.  Over the weekend, an unarmed young man (an alumnus of FAMU like me) who was seeking help after a car crash was fatally shot 10 times by a police officer.  And then yesterday, a gunman opened fire at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC (only a couple miles from my house) leaving 12 dead and 12 injured.

It has been my practice, over the last year and a half or so, to pray for both the victim and the attacker and to forgive in situations like these (as I wrote about further in my “The Power of Perception” post).  I think about what must have been going through the gunman’s mind at the time of, and leading up to, the shooting.  I seek to find compassion in my heart for the pain they must have been feeling inside that would drive them to commit such violence against another.

Even after practicing this over the past few days, I find myself with a deep aching inside.  The aching for the healing of all minds.  The aching for every man and woman to turn within and to remove all traces of darkness that lie within so that they can begin to perceive the Light that dwells within themselves and all mankind; the Light in which we were created.

I have come to learn, the hard way, that peace is an inside job.  We cannot make peace happen, or “work for peace.”  We must be peace.

We cannot have a peaceful world until we have peaceful minds.  Until we remove every trace of ego-driven thoughts such as blame, attack, revenge, unforgiveness, anger, frustration, and judgment within ourselves, we will not be able to recognize the Truth in others.  We will only see through the darkened lens that has been painted by the ego throughout our lives.  The ego thrives on separation.  The Spirit thrives on oneness.  Which will we choose?  The work is always within.  Not waiting on others to change, but by being the Love that God created us to be and choosing to see that in others.

There is a story I once heard about Mother Teresa that comes to mind as I process my emotions about violence in this nation and abroad.  When asked what prompted her compassion for those who were suffering, she said it arose when she discovered she had a “Hitler inside” of her.  She went on to describe the process of releasing all of the attack thoughts that were present in her own mind.  Once she let go of all thoughts that were causing her to focus on the darkness that appeared to be in others, she began to see the Light in all life.

“Words which do not give the Light of Christ increase the darkness.” ~Mother Teresa

We were created to extend the Love of God.  Each and every one of us was created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27).  When we remember to see the presence of God in one another, we could never inflict pain on anyone.  In actively practicing seeing the Light in others, there comes a remembrance of our oneness in God.

When Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39),” it was not just because it’s a nice thing to do.  It was because we are not separate from one another.  Your neighbors – your brothers and sisters in Christ – are you.  We are one.

The cure for the violence, anger, and hatred that continues to be displayed in the world is this:

See the Light that lies beyond all dark appearances; see the God in one another.

Until this becomes our natural way of viewing all that we see, practicing forgiveness is absolutely essential.  Not just as an occasional thing to do when we are deeply disturbed by something, but as a daily practice.  It is critical that we forgive all that we see before us that does not reflect what we know God to be.  In so doing, the veil will be lifted and we will begin to see the Kingdom of Heaven which is indeed “at hand.”

Each act of forgiveness brings us one step closer to remembering the Truth about all life. Until, ultimately, we return to being the Love we were created to be.

I’d love to hear from you!  What daily practices help you see the Light in others?  What has helped you to release thoughts of attack or retaliation toward another?  What do you believe is the cure for violence, anger, and hatred?  Please share in the comments area below.  Looking forward to the discussion!

Keep shining!


Kandace Jones
TWITTER: @coachkandace

About the Author:

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