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3 Tips for Sustaining Your Daily Spiritual Practice

January 15, 2014 0 Comments

Stepping stones provide a safe passage through deep water

The beginning of the year brings with it such excitement and hope.  Individuals set high intentions and aspirations for the year, and declare that this will be the year they will stick to their goals.  Inevitably, a moment comes that each of us has experienced, in one form or another, throughout our lives.  You know, the moment when the enthusiasm wears off, the day-to-day responsibilities set in, and our goals – written down somewhere among the pile of papers accumulating on the desk – become a distant memory.

So, how do you stay committed to the goals you’ve set for yourself, and avoid distraction along the way?  How do we remain vigilant in our spiritual practice, regardless of the challenges we face?   That’s exactly what I’d like to share with you today.  See below for 3 Tips for Sustaining Your Daily Spiritual Practice.

1.       Your Vision Must be Bigger Than Your Resistance

I could really stop the list right here.  I can’t overemphasize this step enough.  It is not only essential to be clear about your vision, but to spend time bringing it to life.  To make it so real for you that you salivate at the thought of it coming to fruition!

Here is a simple practice you can use right away to get energized by your vision.  Spend 15-30 minutes, in silence, journaling and reflecting on the following:

What is my highest intention for my spiritual life in 2014?  How would I feel if I attained this?  What would I attract into my life from this state of awareness?  What would my daily interactions with others be like? 

After spending time reflecting on these questions, find something tangible that reminds you of what you just wrote.  It could be pictures, it could be a symbol – it could be anything at all that calls this vision to mind.  You don’t have to create a full vision board (although many do enjoy this practice), but it is helpful to have some type of visual reminder of this commitment.  Place this reminder someplace prominent where you will see it every day, and consider placing reminders in multiple places to reinforce your commitment throughout the day.  This is what will keep you going in those moments when you want to skip out on your daily practice.

2.       Schedule Your “You Time”

This sounds so simple, but this is one the majority of my coaching clients struggle with.  They have the intention to grow spiritually and be at peace, but they have little time in their schedule to do so.  I have been there!

I used to make time for everything and everyone else except for myself.  When I did take time for myself, I felt guilty because I felt I should be doing more at work, more for my husband, or more for my children.  Yet, I was dying for some breathing space.  I was exhausted every day when I got home from work, so I felt like evenings were not an option.  I had to get up early to get my boys off to school, so I felt like mornings weren’t an option.  I had no idea where to begin to get myself back in balance, but I desperately wanted to be at peace.  Sound familiar?

I recommend keeping a set schedule for your spiritual practice.  If you are just beginning a daily practice, or have fallen off, I recommend printing out a schedule and checking it off as you complete it each day to hold yourself accountable.  Once you get in the habit of doing it every day, the printed schedule is no longer necessary.

At a loss for where to begin in developing a daily spiritual practice schedule?  Feel like you have no time for it even though you truly desire to be at peace?  Check this out.

3.       Get an Accountability Partner

Once you have your big vision, and your daily schedule is completed, share it with someone close to you.  Ask them if they would mind checking in with you every two weeks or so (or weekly if you prefer) to see how your daily practice is going.  It doesn’t have to be a long conversation – just something to keep your fire ablaze.  This way, even if you get off track for a few days, you’ll quickly be able to re-set and begin anew.

I share these tips not from a theoretical perspective, but from my own experience in transitioning from stressed out, exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious to balanced and at peace.  It took work.  It took commitment.  It took accountability.  And it was worth every minute!  I truly want the same for you.  I pray you find these tips useful on your own journey to unshakable peace!

I’d love to hear from you!  What’s one goal you have for your spiritual life this year? 

Keep shining!


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