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Heaven is Available – NOW

February 24, 2014 0 Comments

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While editing the book last week, I ran across this passage I just had to share with you:

“Yes, Heaven is real; however, it’s not some far-off place that you work all of your life trying to get to after your body is laid to rest. Heaven is here and now waiting for us to align ourselves with It again. We cannot experience Heaven with hate, anger, judgment, blame, fear, regret, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the like in our hearts; they don’t live There. I had to ask myself, “Do you let just anyone come in and take up residence in your home that you didn’t create or invite?” Neither does God. God is a protective field for Love and Light. No darkness can enter, or there would be no pure Home for us to return to. But, as I know all too well, when the ego is guiding one’s life, it can seem as if Love isn’t present and that darkness reigns supreme. I was imagining I was leading a life separate from God and that I had to work hard to make it into Heaven. In reality, I was living, moving, and having my being in Him all along. I was already free.” ~Excerpt from From Stress to Peace:  An Intimate Journal on the Journey to Living in Darkness to Living in the Light by Kandace Jones

When I was in the thick of my most trying times, I never could have imagined that I could ever be free of the inner pain in this lifetime.  The ego was flooding my mind with insecurities, doubts, worries, judgments, jealousy, regrets, fears, and more, that made me feel distant from God.  Although I had a deep longing for it, I wasn’t sure if it was possible to have peace-of-mind.  I had come to accept all of those ego-driven feelings as just part of the human experience.  I didn’t know anyone personally who was at peace, regardless of what was happening in their lives, so I didn’t feel like I had a roadmap to the peace I so desperately desired.

Yes, I had the guidance shared by the prophets, mystics, and Masters of the ages.  And I had tons of books by spiritual leaders and self-help authors, which I devoured in record time while seeking ‘the answer’ to finding peace. But, none of that wisdom felt like step-by-step guidance for how to release the stronghold the ego seemed to have on my mind.  I spent so much time reading inspirational books, taking classes, learning various meditation and prayer techniques, learning more daily spiritual practices than I can count, and, finally, falling to my knees in desperation.

After consistently applying the common principles gleaned from all of these teachings, I was ushered into the Peace that truly “surpasses all understanding.”  And, what’s more, I realized that it was a Peace I was created to experience.  It was a Peace that we all were created to experience.  It was not something that needed to be strived for, and we don’t need any credentials to be given access to It; all that is ‘required’ is releasing all that was out of alignment with It.

I learned, the hard way, that it was not enough to pray for inner peace, or to ask the Holy Spirit to remove the thoughts that were out of alignment with peace, or to ask God for peace.  The answer that ultimately became apparent from these prayers was, The Kingdom of Heaven is already available to you…you were created to be and extend the Peace of God.  What I needed instead was to learn how to experience the Peace that already lay within.

“The Kingdom of God is within you.” ~Jesus (Luke 17:21)

So, if we were created to be and extend the Peace of God, and the Kingdom of God is already within us, why is it that most people are not experiencing that?  The answer is simple, although it can feel complicated at times.  There are two voices we can choose to listen to – the Voice for God (the Holy Spirit – or whatever name you choose to use for It) or the voice for ego (or separation, resistance,  fear, the ‘enemy’ – whatever you want to call it).  I discuss this choice further in The Power of Choice.  What I have been guided by the Spirit to support others with is how to listen to, and consistently follow, the Voice for God – regardless of the circumstances.  This is indeed the way to the Peace that lies within.

It’s easy to follow the Voice for God when all is going well, but what about those moments when someone is getting on your last nerve?  Or, when you are feeling lonely?  Or, when you are filled with fear and anxiety?  Or, when you are overwhelmed?  Or, when your prayers seem dry?  Or, when you can barely pay your bills?  Or, when you have negative thoughts flooding your mind?  How do we follow that Voice and maintain peace in these moments?  That was the exact question I had, and what initiated the Living in the Light journey.

A reoccurring thought I had through all of this study on how to find inner peace was, There has to be an easier way.  I began to see that I was called to share what I had learned from all of this, but I didn’t want people to have to read 100 books and take all of the classes I was taking in order to experience the Peace that lies within.  I wanted to distill all of this training into an easy-to-follow roadmap to peace.

I am grateful for the assignment I have been given this lifetime to help others uncover and sustain the Peace that lies within.  While the way to Peace is simple, it is the consistency and commitment that can become challenging while living in a world that seems to be in complete opposition to It.

I am SO looking forward to the upcoming From Stress to Peace Retreat where I will share the very daily practices that accelerated my journey to the Peace that lies within so that you can accelerate yours!   While the From Stress to Peace 21-Day Challenge has helped many of you to jump start your journey to peace, the intimate and extended retreat environment will support you in learning simple, but powerful, practices to sustain that peace over time – no matter what you experience in your everyday life.

We cannot control the circumstances of our lives, but we can indeed control our response to them.   

The challenge offers a solid intro, and a great place to start if you are feeling stressed and out of alignment and want to learn how to establish a consistent daily spiritual practice, but there are many who have expressed interest in going much deeper.  There are many who have expressed the desire to learn prayer and meditation practices to help them clear their minds of negative thoughts as they arise.  The retreat will be the opportunity to do just that – and more.

Early Bird Registration for the retreat closes this Friday, February 28th.  Those who register by this date receive a $100 discount, registration to the From Stress to Peace 21-Day Challenge for FREE, as well as the option to pay for the retreat in 4-installments.  After this date, only the full price option will be available.  Click here for more details and to secure your spot.  Note: There are only 6 spaces remaining for this intimate retreat!  I look forward to seeing you there!

Keep shining!

Kandace Jones
TWITTER: @coachkandace

About the Author:

I used to live life shackled by fear, doubt, and worry. I put on a happy face while navigating my day-to-day duties, but I was emotionally drained, stressed, and unhappy. When I hit rock bottom, and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I was determined to live life differently. I knew there had to be another way. Out of that determination, and guidance from Spirit, the "Living in the Light" blog was born. It documents my spiritual journey out of the darkness and into the Light. After nine months of publicly sharing my journey, and consciously releasing my attachment to the ego, I experienced a powerful spiritual awakening. I went from living in fear, doubt, worry, and stress to complete inner peace. My greatest passion has become assisting others on their own journey to inner peace. My spiritual memoir, From Stress to Peace: An Intimate Journal on the Journey from Living in Darkness to Living in the Light, is available now on Amazon and Click the tabs at the top of the page to learn more about the From Stress to Peace 21-Day Challenge, Living in the Light Retreats, 1:1 sessions, and the Living in the Light Community - all of which are designed to support your journey to inner peace. I appreciate you taking the time to visit the blog and look forward to supporting you in any way I can!