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A Call to Action from Dr. King

January 19, 2015 0 Comments

I have taken some time off from posting here to center myself and get clear on the vision for 2015. But, I had to come out of the darkness and into the Light today to share this powerful quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For those who don’t live in the U.S., today is Martin Luther King Day – a day in which we set aside time to celebrate the peace, love, unity (and so much more) that he stood for.

This quote has reignited my passion for Living in the Light in each moment. While we can share inspirational quotes and messages regularly, what matters more is the action we put behind the words we share. We are at a point at which many are ready to live in alignment with the highest ideals possible. We are ready to BE the change we wish to see in the world. That is what Dr. King modeled for us. May this quote inspire you to step out and take action in the areas in which you feel called to serve!

“One of the great tragedies of life is that men seldom bridge the gulf between practice and profession, between doing and saying. A persistent schizophrenia leaves so many of us tragically divided against ourselves. On the one hand, we proudly profess certain sublime and noble principles, but on the other hand, we sadly practice the very antithesis of these principles. How often are our lives characterized by a high blood pressure of creeds and an anemia of deeds!…We proclaim our devotion to democracy, but we sadly practice the very opposite of the democratic creed. We talk passionately about peace, and at the same time we assiduously prepare for war. We make our fervent pleas for the high road of justice, and then we tread unflinchingly the low road of injustice. This strange dichotomy, this agonizing gulf between the OUGHT and the IS, represents the tragic theme of man’s earthly pilgrimage.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Excerpt from the book “Strength to Love”)

Have a beautiful week! Keep shining!

Kandace Jones
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I used to live life shackled by fear, doubt, and worry. I put on a happy face while navigating my day-to-day duties, but I was emotionally drained, stressed, and unhappy. When I hit rock bottom, and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I was determined to live life differently. I knew there had to be another way. Out of that determination, and guidance from Spirit, the "Living in the Light" blog was born. It documents my spiritual journey out of the darkness and into the Light. After nine months of publicly sharing my journey, and consciously releasing my attachment to the ego, I experienced a powerful spiritual awakening. I went from living in fear, doubt, worry, and stress to complete inner peace. My greatest passion has become assisting others on their own journey to inner peace. My spiritual memoir, From Stress to Peace: An Intimate Journal on the Journey from Living in Darkness to Living in the Light, is available now on Amazon and Click the tabs at the top of the page to learn more about the From Stress to Peace 21-Day Challenge, Living in the Light Retreats, 1:1 sessions, and the Living in the Light Community - all of which are designed to support your journey to inner peace. I appreciate you taking the time to visit the blog and look forward to supporting you in any way I can!