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A Simple Tip for Releasing Negative Thoughts

July 29, 2013 0 Comments

above the clouds

Every week I receive a question or comment from someone about how to release negative thoughts.  I addressed this briefly in my 5 Steps to Releasing Negativity post last fall, but that only scratched the surface.  I know how it feels to not know what to do with the negative thoughts and emotions that can seem to take over our minds at times.

It was only a year and a half ago that I was completely overwhelmed with negative thoughts about myself, others, and the challenges I was facing.  I had a deep desire to feel whole and be at peace with everyone, but I had no idea how to stop the thoughts I was having that contradicted that desire.

So, in addition to following the steps I shared in 5 Steps to Releasing Negativity (e.g. Observing my thoughts, practicing affirmative prayer), one of the biggest contributors to me shifting my thoughts was vigilantly affirming the Truth about everything.  When I say vigilantly, I mean vigilantly.  Beyond my daily affirmative prayer practice, in which I reminded myself of the qualities of God that are always present, I spent time daily writing down affirmations about everything I had been having negative thoughts about.

So, if I had been worrying about the outcome of something, I would write, “All things are working together for my good” over and over (10 times or more) in my journal.  Or, if I had been thinking I wasn’t good enough, or comparing myself to others, I would write, “I am whole and complete” over and over.  Or, if I was harboring resentment toward someone, I would write, “I am willing to forgive” over and over.  Or, if I had been judging someone’s actions, I would write, “I see beyond physical appearances to the Christ within [insert person’s name].”

This may sound a little over the top to some, but I was willing to go to great lengths to get rid of the negative thoughts once and for all.  I was deeply depressed, and knew that my thoughts were the root of the problem.  I also desperately wanted to release any ego-driven tendencies within me, and extend only Love to everyone around me.  I knew that would have to begin with my thoughts, since everything else would flow from that (words, actions, etc.).

Years ago, I worked for The Gallup Organization (most famous for the Gallup Poll).  Among the many polls the company conducted, there was a study done on the number of positive interactions it takes to counter a negative one.  The answer was approximately five.  So, for every negative thought, we need five positive ones to counter it.  I used to share this data with school administrators in the context of creating positive school environments, and the reaction was always the same – astonishment.

For every single negative thought, we need five positive ones to counter it. 

Think about what this means for us.  If we have negative thoughts that we have been holding onto for years (resentment, blame, doubt, shame, anger, hate, worry, etc.), and have never proactively countered those thoughts, how can we expect to feel at peace?  It’s impossible to hold on to negative thoughts and be at peace.  So, we must actively work to counter those thoughts to ensure the Truth reigns supreme in our minds.

If you have the desire to release your negative thoughts, I encourage you to try this daily practice: Search your mind for any thoughts that have been coming up for you that have been causing you to feel out of balance, and affirm the Truth in place of them (e.g. Abundance in place of lack, Forgiveness in place of resentment, Compassion in place of judgment).  Write down the affirmative statements over and over in a journal or notebook.  Practice this daily until what feels most true for you is the statement you have written down verses the thought you have been carrying.

Over time, you will notice that the dominant thoughts in your mind will become ones that are contributing to your peace of mind.  It is truly worth every bit of time it takes to do this simple daily practice.  You will be so glad you did!  Keep shining!



Kandace Jones
TWITTER: @coachkandace

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